Fake Sponsors

In addition to our main sponsors, which will be shown prominently on our Gengis Khar, we have a number of fake sponsors, bizarre companies or products which will be shown on our car. The market desperately needs these products. While the picture of each and every logo will soon be published, here are the names of some of our sponsors:

Scratchnatch: the first application which creates other applications

Eversnatch consulting: Solutions for problems you don’t have

Same Same but Different: Clothing for siamese twins (intended as twins from Thailand)

How I met your Mother: Embarassing dating site

Whetherforecasts.com: we know whether that particular thing will happen

Sole Mate: the dating site for singles who want to stay single

The Carnitarian: Restaurant with vegan-inspired dishes for meat eaters: try their lamb salad or their ham fruit salad

Table Football Manager: the first videogame simulating the career of a table football manager. Create your team from dusty bars to the Table champions league

Unhandyman.com. Unskilled technicians available 7/24

friendzone.org. Website to find escorts who will refuse to do that particular performance because they see you as a friend

Dunno.com. An application whose functions are still unknown

The logos will make our car more beautiful. And many more unique sponsors are about to come. Stay tuned.

p.s. Support our mission here


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