The team

The team three steppes ahead was originally composed of three travellers who desperately wanted to cross the steppes separating Italy from Mongolia (see their descriptions to understand why). In a certain way, the team still comprises three mates: Francesco, Raffaele and a cardboard standup of a Mongolian-dressed Donald Trump, who will help our lads make Mongolia Great Again.


Francesco, here in an artistic self-portrait (a selfie to use the language in vogue) taken in the toilet of a high-end bar in Antwerp, is half-British and half-Italian and is passionate about travels and adventures. He has already visited Mongolia, but that was not enough! He now wants to¬†abandon the comfort of a 4×4 vehicle and cross it with a ramshackle car!


Raffaele (at work in the picture) is a polyglot open-minded artist and traveller. At least that’s what he says about himself. His friends prefer to call him “douchebag”. He desperately wanted to embark on this endeavour. To obtain the 1 month leave from work, he pretended to be on honeymoon. To be more credible, he organised a fake wedding. However, when he found out that the wedding was anything but fake and that the (not exactly good-looking) bride was demanding that he complied with his marital duties, he found what he needed to make the final decision to run to Mongolia.