The Project

There aren’t many such enthusiasts born. The average person is not especially curious about the world. He is alive, and being somehow obliged to deal with this condition, feels the less effort it requires, the better. Whereas learning about the world is labor, and a great all-consuming one at that. Most people develop quite antithetical talents, in fact – to look without seeing, to listen without hearing, mainly to preserve onself within oneself“. (Ryszard Kapuscinski)

The Mongolia Charity Rally is a non-competitive rally from Brussels to Ulan Bator in Mongolia).

The purpose is to arrive, not be the first to arrive, and to take your vehicle (in our case an ambulance) there. The ambulance will then be donated to the population.

Well, as you can see it is not just the lust for adventure that leads the teams to cross the various -stans and reach Mongolia. There is a charitable purpose.

In addition to GoHelp, the charity linked with the organisation of the Mongolia Charity Rally, we have chosen to support Fondazione Paracelso.

Fondazione Paracelso was founded in 2004 in Italy as a fund for hemophiliacs who contracted aids through the medicines they needed to treat hemofilia.
Since then it has designed, financed and supported social and scientific projects regarding hemophilia as well as carrying out humanitarian aid programs in Italy and abroad.